The Dead Saints - The Beginnings of Pagan Christianity

The Catholic Encyclopaedia states that believers are “to worship God and then to pray, first to Saint Mary, and the holy apostles, and the holy martyrs, and all God's saints, that they would intercede for them to God. In this way they learned to look up to the saints in heaven with feelings of confidence and affection, to consider them as friends and protectors, and to implore their aid in the hour of distress, with the hope that God would grant to the patron what he might otherwise refuse to the supplicant.” 198

This is not biblical at all and was not taught by any of the prophets. This is an invention of the Catholic Church. These saints are avatars of pagan gods. 80

As mentioned in the section ‘Christianity becomes the state religion of Rome’, pagan statues (of gods) were relabelled.
R. Graves, a mythographer, classicist states: “the Goddess Venus became St. Venere; the Goddess Artemis, St. Artemidos; the Gods Mercury and Dionysus, St. Mercourios and Dionysius; the Sun-god Helios, St. Elias.” 199

Historian H.R. Hays  mentions “Since the Babylonians had some five thousands gods, there were plenty to choose from. Many of these were duplications of the same basic divine entity;” 200

Historian Henry S Williams  states: Every month and every day of the month was under the protection of a particular divinity. 201
The gods of Babylon became the gods of Rome, and their names changed.   202
According to Durant the Roman’s word for god was “Deus” which also meant Saint. 203
The statistics above (Catholic Church Saint’s Feast Days) are a modest count (taken from of the saint days (feast days) per month celebrated, and the number is increasing per year.  204
According to Historian Durant there were gods of every need, never had a religion had so many gods. 203


Durant records of different gods 203

Catholic church Saints (Patron saints)

god of fertility

St Anthony, St Anne patron saints of infertility 205

god of gardens

St Phocas patron saint of gardens 205

god of healing

St Cuthbert,  Virgin Mary patron saints of healing. 205

god of joy

St Philip Neri, patron saint of joy 206

god of medicine

St Cosmas  and Damian patron saint of medicine 205

god of merchants

St Francis of Assisi patron saint of merchants 135

god of orators

St John Chyrsostom patron saint of Orators 207

god of rain

St Agricola of Avignon patron saint of rain 208

god of war

St Michael patron saint of war 209

god of wealth

St Paschal Baylon patron saint of wealth 210

god of wine

St Vincent of Saragossa patron saint of Wine 211

god of pregnant women

St Gerard of Majella patron saint of pregnant women 212



The saints you are praying to are avatars of pagan gods. Prayer to the saints is known as hagiolatry. 213


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