Mohammed learnt from a Christian monk - The Misconceptions about Islam


Some Christians claim Mohammed was taught by a Christian monk named Buhira. 427
If Mohammed learnt from Buhira, why doesn’t Mohammed teach Jesus is the son of God? Why does the Quran come with a strong warning aimed at those who believe God has begotten a son?
Did Buhira teach Mohammed all the scientific miracles in the Quran that no man could have known (the big bang, the ratio of land to sea, embryology, irons atomic number, the ever expanding universe, the orbits, the roundness of the earth, the layers of the earth, the pairs of everything, the seas not mingling with each others, the internal waves, the uniqueness of the fingerprint, that mankind will start cloning living things etc.)?
Regarding its Law why is Islam more similar to Judaism than what the Christians believe?

Before Mohammed’s teenage years he journeyed with his uncle on his business travels as far as Syria. They stopped at ‘Bostra’ where the caravan always stopped. There was a cell which had been lived in by a Christian monk for generation after generation. When a Christian monk would inherit the cell, they would also inherit everything within the cell which included old manuscripts. Amongst these was one which contained the prediction of the coming prophet to the Arabs.
The current occupant who inherited the cell was a Christian monk named Buhira. He was well versed in the 17256212_xxl_resize.jpgscriptures and the prophecies and felt that the prophet would come in his lifetime. 378 428

Buhira had often seen the caravan approach and stop near his cell. He never took much interest in them but noticed something different, which he found amazing. He noticed a small low-hanging cloud that moved slowly above their heads. This cloud was always hanging between the sun and one or two of the travellers. When the travellers stopped moving, the cloud would stop moving. The travellers took shelter under a tree and Buhira noticed the tree lowered its branches over them, so they were always in the shade and protected from the sharp rays of the sun.
Buhira felt there was some great spiritual presence amongst the travellers, and immediately thought of the expected prophet. 378 428

6078102_xxl_resize.jpgBuhira’s cell was stocked with provisions of food and drink. He invited the travellers in for food to investigate. The travellers accepted the invitation but left Mohammed to look after the camels. Buhira scanned each of the traveller’s faces one by one, but none of them matched the description in the prophecies. Buhira asked them “are all of you travellers here, did you leave anyone behind?” They said they left only a boy behind. Buhira asked them to get the boy (Mohammed). Buhira noticed many features of both the face and body which matched the prophecies. Buhira asked Mohammed questions about his way of life, his beliefs, his sleep and his general affairs. Mohammed answered all the questions.  Buhira knew this boy was the expected prophet to come. Buhira told Mohammed’s uncle a great future lies before this nephew of yours, so take him home quickly’ 378 428


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