Ye shall know them by their fruits - The Televangelists

These are only a portion of the scandals of the televangelists we are aware of.
“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16 KJV




Jim Bakker
Morningside Church

Accused of raping church secretary, He paid her $279,000 to keep quiet

, served 5 years of a 45 sentence for stealing millions from the Praise the Lord Club

Mail Online 320

Mark Driscoll
Mars Hill

Mishandling church funds, plagiarizing work for book. Posted anti-feminist and anti-gay remarks under a pseudo name, said women were made to give a home to mens’ penises.

Mail Online 321

Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar Ministries

Accused of using tax exempt status to fund extravagant lifestyle.
Asked his followers to dig deep to help him buy the worlds fastest private jet (Gulfstream G650)
Arrested for being accused of attacking his daughter

Mail Online 322

Pat Robertson
The 700 Club

Accused of running a huge gold and diamond mining operation under the cover of his charity.

Epoch Times 323

Zachery Tims
New Destiny Christian Centre

A Lifestyle of substance abuse and committing adultery. Dies of a heroin overdose.

Charisma News 324

Paul Crouch
Jan Crouch
Trinity Broadcasting Network

Accused of misappropriating its ‘charitable assets’ towards a $50 million jet, 13 mansions and a $100,000 mobile home for their dogs

Former TBN employee said he felt forced to engage in homosexual acts with Paul Crouch to keep his job, and was paid $425,000 to keep quiet about his claims.

Mail Online 325

Los Angeles Times 326

Eddie Long
Georgia Megachurch

Accused of coercing four young men into sexual relationships.

Mail Online 327

Peter Popoff
Peter Popoff Ministries

Peter Popoff Faith Healing tricks exposed.

Business Insider 328

Marcus Lamb
Daystar Television Network

Confessed he cheated on his wife Joni Lamb after being blackmailed

Mail Online 329

Ted Haggard
New Life Church

Sexual relationships with male prostitutes, usage of drug methamphetamine.

CNN 330

Paul Cain
Morning Star Ministries

Engaged in heavy homosexuality and an alcoholic.

Charisma Magazine 331

W.V. Grant
W.V. Grant ministries

W.V. grant Faith Healing tricks exposed. Only a tiny fraction of funds raised for charities reaches the charities.

The New York Times 332

Larry Lea
Larry Lea Ministries

Only 4.2% of millions raised actually went to charity that money was being raised for.

The New York Times 332

Robert Tilton

Promised viewers who donated that he would pray for their problems they sent in, cheques went straight into bank account. Donators’ pleas for aid found in garbage.

The New York Times 332

Jimmy Swaggart
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries

Visited prostitutes in New Orleans

The New York Times 333


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