The not so pious popes - The Bloody Church

A selection of some of the infamous popes and a summary of their history whilst ruling the Catholic Church. The popes in the last decades have better P.R. (public relations) keeping their image intact.

Dates ruling


Historical information


Pope Stephen VI (VII)

He had Pope Formosus’s body exhumed and put on trial (Cadaver Synod). After the trial he cut three of Formosus fingers and threw his body in to the river. 215


Pope John XII

There seemed to be no sin he did or would not commit. He ran a brothel, committed many acts of incest, blinded a cardinal, castrated another, murdered, gambled, invokied pagan gods and demons. 216. He was also bisexual and made a pact with the devil. 217


Pope Sylvester II

Made a pact with the devil, learnt sorcery 218


Pope Benedict IX

He was described as vile, foul, execrable, and a ‘demon from Hell in the disguise of a priest’. He was accused of many vile adulteries and murders. He was accused of rapes, murders, sodomy, bestiality and many other unspeakable acts. 216


Pope Innocent III

Instituted the Inquisition and launched a crusade to combat heresy. All non Catholics would be victims. Great numbers of innocent people were murdered under is reign of terror.
He decreed that Jews were to wear a distinguished badge for means of identification. 219

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Pope Gregory IX

The Inquisitional law replaced the common law of tradition “innocent until proven guilty” with “guilty until proven innocent”. The accused were denied any right of counsel. A suspected friendship with a convicted heretic was also a crime. 216  220


Pope Innocent IV

He gave permission for the Inquisition to use torture to reveal the truth. 216
He ordered all copies of the Jewish Talmud to be burnt. 221.


Pope Sixtus IV

Bi-sexual, Incest, Sodomy, whore mongering, ill-advised acts of violence. 217


Pope Alexander VI

Raped,  incest, sold his soul and body to the devil, bought the papacy (all at the office of Vatican) 222

1550 – 1555

Pope Julius III

Sodomy, Incest. He elevated to the cardinalate a young boy who was giving infamous pleasures to the Pope. He appointed numerous handsome teenage boys as cardinals, and allegedly enjoyed bring them together for orgies. 217


Pope Pius XII

Signed a treaty with the Nazis. 223 Organised ratlines (escape routes) for Nazis. 224


Pope Paul VI

Was involved in the ratlines (escape routes for Nazis) 225 Heretical and Blasphemous. 226


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