The Medjugorje deception - The Deception

In E. M. Jones, “Medjugorje: The Untold Story” it states:
(There are videos on the internet showing you the recording of this incident also.)
On 14 January 1985 , “During the apparitions (when the seers are alleged to be in a state of ecstasy and to remain unresponsive to external stimuli), Martin (Jean-Louis Martin) approached Vicka (one of the seers) during one of the apparitions and made as if he were going to poke her in the eyes with his two fingers. Vicka jumped back instinctively and was quickly led out of the room by Father Vego.”
“A little while later she returned and explained that, while she had been watching the Blessed Virgin, the infant Jesus looked as if he were slipping out of her arms.” 341 342

The explanation above is such a feeble one and this incident proves these apparitions are false, and the seers are not in a state of ecstasy / trance.


Lourdes receives six millions visitors annually 343 and lacks any true healing properties. The few miracles you hear of usually have a logical alternative explanation.
When French writer Anatole France visited the shrine and seeing the discarded crutches and canes, he exclaimed, “What, what, no wooden legs???” 339

Saint Bernadette herself failed to be healed of the miraculous powers of the spring, she was bed ridden for the last years of her life. 339

At the age of 84, Pope John Paul II visited the shrine in August 2004. He suffered from Parkinson’s disease and had problems with hips and knees. This is the head of the Church that promotes the alleged claims of miracles there. He passed away the following year and wasn’t healed. 339

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