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“Those who listen to the word and follow the best from it. These are the ones whom God has guided, and these are the ones who possess intelligence.” Quran 39:18

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and is expected to outstrip Christianity by the end of the century.
The number of Muslims will grow more than twice as fast as the world's population from now until 2050, the Pew Research Center has said.
While the world’s population is projected to grow 35 per cent before the middle of the century, the number of Muslims is expected to increase by 73 per cent – from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.8 billion”
Source: “Islam is the 'fastest growing religion' and will 'overtake Christianity by the end of the century'”, Ruth Halkon, Mirror Online,, 10/12/2015 392

“Islam, the world's fastest-growing faith, will leap from 1.6 billion (in 2010) to 2.76 billion by 2050, according to the Pew study. At that time, Muslims will make up nearly one-third of the world's total projected population of about 9 billion people.
Christianity is expected to grow, too, but not at Islam's explosive rate. The Pew study predicts Christians will increase from 2.17 billion to 2.92 billion, composing more than 31% of the world's population.”
Source: “The world's fastest-growing religion is ...”, Daniel Burke, CNN,, 03/04/2015 393

“MORE than 14,000 white Britons have converted to Islam after becoming disillusioned with western values, according to the first authoritative study of the phenomenon... Top landowners, celebrities and the offspring of senior Establishment figures have embraced the strict tenets of the Muslim faith.”
Source: “Islamic Britain lures top people” Nicholas Hellen, Christopher Morgan, The Sunday Times, 22/02/2004 394
“With some six million adherents in the United States, Islam is said to be the nation's fastest-growing religion, fueledby immigration, high birth rates and widespread conversion. One expert estimates that 25,000 people a year become Muslims in this country; some clerics say they have seen conversion rates quadruple since Sept. 11...
Experts say Islam is attractive because of its universal message -- the faithful believe that everyone is born Muslim and thus call the transformation reversion, not conversion -- and because its teachings incorporate other traditions, honoring Jesus Christ, the Jewish patriarch Abraham and other Biblical figures as prophets.”
Source: “A NATION CHALLENGED: AMERICAN MUSLIMS; Islam Attracts Converts By the Thousand, Drawn Before and After Attacks”, Jodi Wilgoren, New York Times,, 22/09/2001 395

“In growing numbers, Hispanics, the country's fastest-growing ethnic group, are finding new faith in Islam, the nation's fastest-growing religion. Moved by what many say is a close-knit religious environment and a faith that provides a more concrete, intimate connection with God, they are replacing Mass with mosques...

36840718_xxl_resize.jpgThe American Muslim Council, an advocacy group in Washington, estimates that there are 25,000 Hispanic Muslims in the United States...
Many of the converts say they are choosing Islam because they feel the religion gives them greater direct contact with God, without saints and a rigid church hierarchy. Some also point to what they see as a closer-knit, smaller community that helps replace the extended family they have lost here in America.”
Source: “Islam Luring More Latinos”, Chris L. Jenkins, The Washington Post,, 7/01/2001 396



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