Book burning - The Bloody Church

In 325 A.D. Constantine sent a letter to all the churches which included the following statement:

“that all the writings of Arius, wherever they be found, shall be delivered to be burned with fire, in order that not only his wicked and ‘evil doctrine’ may be destroyed, but also that the memory of himself and of his doctrine may be blotted out, that there may not by any means remain to him remembrance in the world. Now this also I ordain, that if any one shall be found secreting any writing composed by Arius, and shall not forthwith deliver up and burn it with fire, his punishment shall be death; for as soon as he is caught in this he shall suffer capital punishment by beheading without delay.” 94

So all traces of Arius’ view of Jesus  (not being coequal with God the Father) was to be destroyed. Below are some booking burning incidents that have been recorded in history. There are most probably more that have not been recorded or blotted out of history.

Dates Ruled

Vatican Ruler

Book booking


Pope Benedict XIII

In 1415, The church takes another extraordinary step to destroy all knowledge of two ancient second century Jewish books that is believed to contain the ‘true name of Jesus Christ’ 94


Pope Benedict XIII

Destroyed Jewish books that held information on the real Jesus Christ, the Mar Yesu and the Book of Elxai  94


Various Popes ruling

Tomas de Torquemada (Spanish Grand Inquisitor) responsible for the elimination of 6,000 Talmud volumes at Salamanca (Spain) alone. 94


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1492 –1503

Pope Alexander VI

Orders all copies of the Jewish Talmud to be destroyed. 94


Pope Julius III

1554, The Catholic Solomon Romano, burned thousands of Hebrew scrolls 94


Various Popes ruling

1559, Every Hebrew book (included hundreds of copies of the Old Testament, many ancient original handwritten documents) in the city of Prague was confiscated by order of the pope. 94


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