A Brief look at the Prophet Mohammed - The Last Testament

The Prophet Mohammed was born in 571 A.D. He came from the Quraish family who were a very respected and noble family. He was an orphan from birth. 374 His father died before he was born375 and he had lost his mother at the age of six years old. He like the majority of the people of his society was not taught how to read and write. 374 He was taken into care by his grandfather and when his grandfather passed away Mohammed’s uncle Abu Taleb took him into his care. 375
Living in a country in which idol-worship was the basis of daily life, Mohammed hated idolatry from his childhood. 374 and he practiced strict monotheism. 376

12653552_xxl_resize.jpgAs a youth he tended sheep for some time, the noblest of the Arabs had no contempt for that occupation. He then got into trade 374 He used to accompany his uncle with a caravan on many trading trips. 377 He was asked by many of his kinsmen to accompany them on their trading travels abroad. 378
A wealthy respected merchant woman of Mecca named Khadija used to employ men to trade her goods on a profit-sharing basis. 379   She had been married twice and since the death of her second husband it became customary to hire men to trade on her behalf. 378 When she heard of the truthfulness, trustworthy nature and fine character of Mohammed, she sent for him and proposed that he should take some of her goods on a trading venture. He accept her offer and when he returned with the goods he bought for her, she was able to sell them for twice the cost. 379
Khadija was a decisive, noble and intelligent lady and possessed many fine qualities. Later on she decided to offer herself in marriage to Mohammed as he was a man of high qualities, reputation, fine character and truthfulness. 379
He was twenty five years old when he married Khadija 374 whilst she was of forty years of age. 380
By the age of forty years, he had secured a successful life, happily married with children, wealth and a high social position. 380

Mohammed developed a liking for solitude. He used to spend time by himself in the cave ‘Hira’. There he would44834481_xl(1)_resize.jpg seek religious purification. He would take provisions and stay there for many nights. 379
One night near the end of the month of Ramadan (which was a traditional month of retreat) when Mohammed was aged forty he was alone in the cave. Then came to him the Angel Gabriel in the form of a man. The angel said to him “Read”  379 Mohammed replied, ‘ “I don’t read.” The angel then overpowered him and squeezed him and said again “Read!”. Mohammed replied again “I don’t read”.  The angel overpowered him and squeezed him again and said “Read!, Mohammed replied again “I don’t read”.  379

37219096_xl_resize.jpgThen a third time the angel overpowered him and squeezed him and said”
Read in the name of thy lord who created!
He createth man from a clot of blood.
Read, and thy Lord is the Most Bountiful,
He who hath taught by the pen,
Taught man what he knew not.  378
This was the first revelation he received from God. Mohammed continued to receive revelations for the next 23 years. 381

Surrounded by polytheists, idol worshippers, Christians and Jews, his message of pure monotheism and being the last prophet made him many enemies. He sacrificed virtually everything of this world for the sake of conveying the message that was revealed through him. 380

He came to revive the old religion that was first given to Adam, then revealed to Abraham, the original monotheistic pre-corrupted religion that Moses and Jesus both preached. The worship of the one true God. 380

In Heroic Lives, Albert E Vail and Emily McClellan Vail writes:
“When Mohammed tried to tell his mission to the rest of the people in Mecca they paid no more attention to him than had his relatives. How could it be, they argued, that their own townsman had been chosen by God to teach his laws to them. That was not the way, they declared, that God sent his messengers.
So is it always when a great prophet appears. The people see that he looks just like them and they will not believe that God has spoken especially to him and given him his good tidings.

25638813_xxl_resize.jpgMohammed was in no wise discouraged by this ridicule. He had heard the divine voice ringing through his mind. He had felt God's heavenly love pouring into his heart, and he knew he was not mistaken. God was on his side. God had chosen him. God would protect him.” 382 63

He was expelled from his hometown by the ruling clan. 61 He and his companions suffered persecution from the ruling clan. 383

He constantly forgave his enemies and was always generous with them. At the death of one of his enemies who kept plotting mischiefs against Muslims, Mohammed prayed to God to forgive him and even granted his own shirt to enshroud his body. Twenty long years of persecution and wars with his enemies was absolutely forgiven and forgotten. 374

No one could match his charity. He never refused a beggar. He would prefer to feed the hungry than feed himself. He always had deepest sympathy for widows, orphans, the poor and the helpless. He defended the rights of women over men, the rights of slaves over their masters.
On his death bed he sent for all his belongings to be distributed amongst the poor. 374

According to Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins, Mohammed was known as Al-Amin (the trust worthy) by his companions and his enemies. 384
His Uncle Abu Taleb called him the guardian of the orphans, the protector of helpless women. He was loving to kinsfolk, to his neighbours, charitable to the poor, hospitable to the stranger. He was always honest, his heart was pure, he was a man of his word. He was a defender of truth and justice. 384

Islamic Critic W. Muir states: “It is strongly corroborative of Muhammad’s sincerity that the earliest converts to Islam were not only of upright character, but his own bosom friends and people of his household, who, intimately acquainted with his private life.” 374

Throughout all his life he ate and drank minimally. He mended his own clothes, milked goats.  380 He would dust the house, tie his camel and look after it. He would do shopping for his household, for his neighbours and helpless women. He worked like a labourer in the construction of the mosque.
He was very affectionate towards his family. He was of a soft nature, courteous and always smiling. He was very modest. He was courteous to everyone, he loved the poor and was always forgiving towards his enemies, he visited the sick, and would always accompany a funeral. Those who met him suddenly had an admiration and respect for him, they loved him. 380

12296728_xxl_resize.jpgHe was known throughout Arabia of his integral character, sincerity and honesty. His worst enemies had often to confess that he never told a lie. 374

Mohammed was a great prophet of God. He was one of the finest examples of man. His character made even his enemies love him. He is responsible for the fastest growing religion of all time.

The Prophet passed away in 632A.D. 184 Peace be upon him.

“Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and those who are with him are hard against the unbelievers, merciful one to another. Thou seest them bowing, prostrating, seeking bounty from God and good pleasure. Their mark is on their faces, the trace of prostration” Quran 48:29

“Muhammad is not the father of any one of your men, but the Messenger of God, and the Seal of the Prophets; God has knowledge of everything.” Quran 33:40


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