What famous people said about Christianity - Pagan Christian celebrations and rituals

“Several of the most important doctrinal parts of corrupt modern Christianity are nothing more than scraps of the Heathen mythologies of various kinds taught by different nations, long previous to the Christian era” Godfrey Higgins, Historian and English magistrate (1972 – 1833) 97

“The Christian religion contains nothing but what Christians hold in common with heathen; nothing newCelsus, Greek Philosopher  (2nd century) 144

“We Christians neither want nor worship crosses as the Pagans doMinucius Felix (Latin apologist author, 2nd Century and early 3rd century) 144

“that it was not so much the empire that was brought over to the faith, as the faith that was brought over to the empire; not the Pagans who were converted to Christianity, but Christianity that was converted to Paganism M . Turretin , Christian advocate, 400AD  159

“It mightily affects me to see how many there were in the earliest times of the Church, who considered it as a capital exploit to lend to heavenly truth the help of their own inventions, in order that the new doctrine might be more readily received by the wise among the Gentiles. These officious lies, they were wont to say, were devised for a good end”  Isaac De Casaubon, Classical scholar and philologist (1559 – 1614) 144

“The early Christians were charged with being a sect of sun-worshippers” Emperor Hadrian, Roman Emperor (76AD-138AD)  108

“The gospels are all priestly forgeries over a century after their pretended dates.” Joseph Wheless, Historian and Lawyer (1868-1950) 160

The Christian fathers “deemed it a pious act to employ deception and fraud in support of piety”  Johann Lorenz von Mosheim, Church Historian (1693-1755) 161

Christianity and Paganism, when rightly understood, differed in nonessential points, but had a common origin, and really were one and the same religion Ammonius Saccas , Celebrated philosopher, (160AD-242AD) 159

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