This book claims as the title suggests, that the majority of Christians are being deceived and are not following the true historical Jesus and his teachings. They are following the teachings of a man who came after Jesus, who never met Jesus and who contradicted all of Jesus’s teachings. They do not follow the Law of Moses which Jesus insisted we must adhere to.

As the bible is such a huge book, most Christians have not thoroughly studied it all or even part of it. The bible has been corrupted by men and the reader will be made aware of some of the forgeries and contradictions that can be found in it.

The Christian religion has gone through many phases of corruption. Each phase taking the followers further away from the true God and closer to paganism. The Jesus that is currently worshipped shares more in common with ancient pagan gods than the real historical Jesus.
The Christian celebrations and rituals are identical to the celebrations and rituals of the pagans. Christians have become more accustomed to following the traditions of man rather than the law of God.

Living in a world of corruption and deceit, did we not expect even our religions to be hijacked?

Infamous leaders of our religions committing atrocities in the name of our God, and if we were to question their church we would be deemed a heretic. Scribes inserting forgeries into the bible. The Church and its quests to destroy information on the true historical Jesus. Translators mistranslating verses intentionally to hide the identity of a prophet to come, a prophet that would bring followers back to the true God and to abolish all paganism. A prophet foretold by the Old Testament prophets and Jesus himself.

The reader will be briefly introduced to the Last Testament, some of its scientific and mathematical miracles, and some of this prophet’s teachings and prophecies.

This book will also demonstrate we are living in the last days and that the deception is far greater than you could have imagined. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are everywhere, posing as men of God. Twisting the gospel for their own greedy needs and preaching blasphemy subtly at the pulpits.

The Intention of this book is to wake up Christians from the greatest deception of our time and to bring the reader back to the original message of the one true God.